According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation,
and someone else is building upon it. Let each one take care how they build upon it,
for no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

I Corinthians 3:10-11

Library: Sermons



SERMON TITLE (all in .pdf format)

2019-09-01 Dogology: Trust and Obey
2019-08-25 Old Testament History: Hip for Blessing
2019-08-18 Old Testament History: Daniel
2019-08-11 Old Testament History: The Broom Tree Experience
2019-08-04 Old Testament History: The Companion
2019-07-28 Old Testament History: Shechem
2019-07-21 Old Testament History: Samson’s Vocatio
2019-07-14 Old Testament History: Peril for Hadassah
2018-12-30 Life With the Holy Spirit: How Big Is The Real Christmas Gift?
2018-12-23 The Joys of True Christmas: Can We Believe What We Are Hearing?
2018-12-16 Baptism; Virgin Birth: The True Christmas
2018-12-09 Jeremiah: A New Covenant (Personal – Specific – and Relational)
2018-12-02 Second Isaiah: See and Feel It Coming
2018-11-18 Holy Spirit & Old Testament: O.T. & H.S.
2018-07-15 Parable; The Kingdom: Laborers in the Vineyard [series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-07-08 Parable; Elder Brother: The Prodigal as a Model [series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-07-01 The Gospel; Sermon on the Mount: Finding The Gospel in the Sermon on the Mount
[series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-06-24 Faithful to God: The Remnant
2018-06-17 Bible Study: Wonder of Wonders
2018-06-10 Parable; Grace & Mercy: A Different View of God [series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-06-03 Parable; The Kingdom: How Much Is The Kingdom Worth? [series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-05-27 Parable; God’s Mercy: The False Samaritan [series on Finding the Gospel in the Parables]
2018-05-20 Pentecost: Fired Up – or Just Fired
2018-05-13 Vocatio; Paul & Luke: Now That You Have Me Here, What Are You Going To Do With Me?
2018-05-06 Vocatio: What Call Are You Hearing?
2018-04-29 Vocatio: Samson’s Calling
2018-04-22 Vocatio; Conversion: Off the Hook
2018-04-15 Vocatio: Back to My Own Model Train
2018-04-08 Purpose; Vocatio: My Yoke Is Easy
2018-04-01 Easter: Am I Pitiful? (coming soon)
2018-04-01 Easter Sunrise: He Called The Shot (coming soon)
2018-03-25 Good Friday: Two Sides of the Cross
2018-03-25 Maundy Thursday: An Opportune Time
2018-03-25 Palm Sunday: Coronation Day
2018-03-18 Encounter With Jesus: Jesus & Nicodemus (a first-person narrative)
2018-03-11 Intern Pastor: Renunciation (by Jonathan Gamble)
2018-03-04 Salvation; Worth: Man’s Best Friend
2018-02-25 Intern Pastor: Arguing With God (by Jonathan Gamble)
2018-02-14 Ash Wednesday; Satan: Your Adversary
2018-02-11 Broken World; Adopted by Father: The Orphanage
2018-02-04 Pleasing God or Pleasing Others: Choosing Your Audience
2018-01-28 Intern Pastor: The Source of The Law (by Jonathan Gamble)
2018-01-07 Vocatio: Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go
2017-12-31 The Spirit’s Guidance: Did We Expect to Live This Long?
2017-12-24 Christmas Eve; Born of the Spirit: Waiting and Watching
2017-12-17 Advent; Gift of the Holy Spirit: What Is the Most Wonderful Thing That Could Happen to You?
2017-12-10 Advent; Risen Lord: Are You Eager and Expectant?
2017-12-03 Advent; God’s Messiah: Hearts on Fire
2017-11-26 Intern Pastor: Love Made Real (by Jonathan Gamble)
2017-11-19 Lay Minister: An Invitation Like No Other (by Court Purdy)
2017-11-05 Salvation Series 2: Saved By The Blood
2017-10-29 Salvation Series 1: Saved By His Life, or By His Death?
2017-10-15 Forgiveness Series – Love: The Forgiveness Business – For Love
2017-10-08 Forgiveness Series – Healing: The Forgiveness Business – For Healing
2017-10-01 Intern Pastor: The Wild Call of God (by Jonathan Gamble)
2017-09-24 Forgiveness Series – Repentance: The Forgiveness Business – For The Kingdom
2017-09-10 OT History (Joseph); Forgiveness: Joseph: The Grand Vizier
2017-09-03 OT History (Joseph); Trusting God: Joseph: The Dreamer
2017-08-27 OT History (Jacob); Striving w/God: Mama’s Boy
2017-08-20 OT History (Saul); Spiritual Gifts: The Witch of Endor
2017-08-13 OT History; Vows; Power: Samson
2017-07-30 Lay Minister: No One Comes to the Father Except by Me (by Susan Golian)
2017-07-23 Lay Minister: In Retrospect, All Is Well With My Soul (by Tina Hoover)
2017-07-16 Lay Minister: What Would You Do? (by Tom Grabiel)
2017-07-09 Following Jesus; Pilgrimage: The Pilgrim’s Journey
2017-06-25 The Ecclesia – Disciple Bands: Why I Choose the Church
2017-06-18 Jesus; Helping Others: Blessed Are the Poor
2017-06-11 UCC; “Saving” Others: Not a Keynote Speaker
2017-05-28 OT History; Daniel; Dedication: Be It Known to You, O King
2017-05-21 God’s Love: Where Does Love Come From?
2017-05-14 Mother’s Day; Lay Minister: Praying to Give Birth Again (by Denny Lynn Engelke)
2017-05-07 Intern Pastor: The Purpose Beneath the Surface (by Jonathan Gamble)
2017-04-30 Love: Strangers to Love
2017-04-23 Lost Sheep & Elder Brothers: The Lost Sheep
2017-04-16 Easter – Resurrection Guidelines: Halfway Between Life and Death
2017-04-16 Easter – Sunrise; Intern Pastor: The Third Garden (by Jonathan Gamble)
2017-04-13 Maundy Thursday; Selling Out: Bought With a Price
2017-04-09 Palm Sunday; Intern Pastor: Partial Coronation (by Jonathan Gamble)
2017-04-02 Jesus as Lord; Idolizing The Bible: Why Do You Call Me “Lord”?
2017-03-26 Obedience; Love: Man of Obedience
2017-03-19 Miracles; Healing: The Miracle Worker
2017-03-05 Lent; Jesus’ Identity: The Offense
2017-03-01 Ash Wednesday; God’s Kingdom: Remember Jesus Christ
2017-02-26 Narrow Gate; God’s Kingdom: Is the Gate Still Narrow?
2017-02-19 Community; God’s Kingdom: Do We Still Want to Belong?
2017-02-12 Jesus; Human vs. God’s Authority: A Pre-Lenten Primer
2017-01-29 Jesus the Man; Kingdom Principles Amazing Perception
2017-01-22 Jesus the Man; Legion What Sort of Man?
2017-01-15 Jesus the Man Do You Like Jesus?
2017-01-08 Jesus; Gather or Scatter Why Didn’t More People Help?
2017-01-01 Expectations; Putting God First What Do You Expect?
2016-12-25 Christmas Day: Victory in Jesus He Came Anyway
2016-12-24 Christmas Eve: God’s Love Let It Come
2016-12-18 Advent 4 – Love; Darkness: Unloved
2016-12-11 Advent 3 – Repent; Judgment: Disobeyed
2016-12-04 Advent 2 – The Messiah: Unexpected
2016-11-27 Advent 1 – The Second Coming: A Thief in the Night
2016-11-20 Lay Minister: Life in Christ – Life Through The Spirit (by Patrice Simon)
2016-11-13 Lay Minister: Things Worth Fighting For (by Ed Hupp)
2016-11-06 Tithing: Taking the Stew Out of Stewardship
2016-10-30 Law vs. Gospel: Are You Circumcised?
2016-10-23 (TNC Retreat) Signs of the Kingdom: Thy Kingdom Come
2016-10-16 Spiritual Realm vs. Physical Realm: Why Such Opposition?
2016-10-09 David’s Census; Trusting God: How Many Members?
2016-10-02 Luke’s Gospel; Luke & Paul: About Loving Luke
2016-09-25 Paul; Power Behind Words: Mere Words
2016-09-18 BIG WORDS: Righteousness [from series on BIG WORDS (small understanding)]
2016-09-11 BIG WORDS: Justification [from series on BIG WORDS (small understanding)]
2016-09-04 Vocatio, Work, Work Ethic: What Is a Work Ethic?
2016-08-28 Series re Peter and Conversion 5: Quo Vadis?
2016-08-21 Series re Peter and Conversion 4: Weakness and Power
2016-08-14 Series re Peter and Conversion 3: The Break Point
2016-08-07 Series re Peter and Conversion 2: In Pursuit of Success
2016-07-31 Series re Peter and Conversion 1: An Initial Enthusiasm
2016-07-24 BIG WORDS: Atonement [from series on BIG WORDS (small understanding)]
2016-07-17 BIG WORDS: Salvation [from series on BIG WORDS (small understanding)]
2016-07-10 Lay Minister: Our Gifts and Vocatios (by Heidi Campbell)
2016-07-03 Independence Day; Guest Minister: Freed to Change the World (by Rev. Mary Scifres)
2016-06-26 Lay Minister: A Long Walk to Worship (by Leslie Kazarian)
2016-06-19 Father’s Day; Lay Minister: Great Gifts From Gratitude (by Tom Grabiel)
2016-06-05 Selfless, Selfish, & Goals: In It for Myself
2016-05-29 Sorrow: Put Thou My Tears in Thy Bottle
2016-05-22 Lay Ministers: Morning Has Broken (by Helen and Ed Foster)
2016-05-15 Pentecost; Holy Spirit: The Vine
2016-05-08 Roles of Women and Men: Divine Commission II (Mother’s Day)
2016-05-01 Law vs. Gospel; The Risen Christ: The Great Divide
2016-04-17 Redemption: Jesus & Judas
2016-04-10 Salvation by Grace, Not Deeds: Jesus & A Criminal
2016-04-03 Zacchaeus: Jesus & Zacchaeus (a first-person narrative)
2016-03-27 Easter – The Resurrection: What Do We Understand About The Resurrection?
2016-03-27 Easter Sunrise – The Resurrection: Stories of The Resurrection
2016-03-25 Good Friday – The Cross: What Do We Understand About The Cross?
2016-03-13 Old Covenant vs. New Covenant Have You Any Foreign Wives?
2016-03-06 Communion; Altar Sacrifice; Jesus: A Morsel & A Sip
2016-02-28 Unity With Jesus & Each Other: Euclid & Jesus
2016-02-21 Isaac & Ishmael; Brotherly Love: Does God Care About Brotherly Love?
2016-02-14 Parable of New Wine in Old Skins: The True Renewal
2016-02-07 Parable of the Sheep & Goats: What We Do For Others
2016-01-31 True Names; Prayer: In The Name
2016-01-24 Renewal; Faith Family: New, Renewed, and Renewing
2016-01-17 Repentance: Until We Choose
2016-01-10 Condemnation; Love: No Condemnation
2016-01-03 Vocatio: What Call Are You Hearing?
2015-12-27 True Trinity; Creeds: The Trinity
2015-12-24 Christmas Eve: Meditations on Light
2015-12-20 Jesus’ Birthday: No Room in the Inn
2015-12-13 The Messiah: Not Our Messiah – God’s Messiah
2015-12-06 The Coming of Jesus: How New Is the New Covenant?
2015-11-29 Lay Minister: The Gift (by Jeff Rekoon)
2015-11-15 Lay Minister: Thanksgiving With Love (by Leslie Baker)
2015-11-08 Why contribute? : Ananias & Peter & Me & You
2015-11-01 (TNC Retreat) Promises: The Vine (all Retreat sessions and questions)
2015-10-25 Unity in Christ: The New Ecclesia
2015-10-18 Forgiveness & Restoration: With Malice Toward None – With Charity For All
2015-10-11 The New Church: Two Churches With One Mission
2015-10-04 Law vs. Gospel: Never Try To Be Good
2015-09-27 Trust (Faith): What If Your Trust Should Suddenly Increase?
2015-09-20 Miracles: Miracles
2015-09-06 Lay Minister: The Power of Vulnerability – The Gift of Surrender (by Patrice Simon)
2015-08-30 Lay Minister: Silence, Mountains, and Music: My Pathways to God (by Rodger Whitten) (sermon was interspersed with music, so video only; no text version)
2015-08-16 Jesus’ Family: His Mother and His Brothers
2015-08-09 Lay Minister: Creative Contrition (by Jonathan Gamble)
2015-08-02 Lay Minister: Receiving His Gifts (by Jonathan Gamble)
2015-07-26 Lay Minister: What Do You Call God? (by Don Ronaldson)
2015-07-19 Baptism: The Real Christmas
2015-07-12 Staying Focused on Jesus: Fighting the Wrong Enemies
2015-07-05 Moses & George Washington: Moses & George
2015-06-28 Parable of the Ten Maidens: A Lesson About Sharing
2015-06-21 Lay Minister: The Daughter of God (by Jonathan Gamble)
2015-06-14 Christian Community: Why Did I Come Back?
2015-06-07 Relationship With God: Erase the Distance
2015-05-31 Physical and Spiritual Realms: What Works? (and in which realm)
2015-05-24 Pentecost: God’s Messiah
2015-05-17 Jesus: Followers of Jesus
2015-05-10 Parenthood: Divine Commission (Mother’s Day)
2015-05-03 Lay Minister: Faith, Hope, and Love (by Heidi Campbell)
2015-04-26 Lay Minister: Hitler +1 (by Susan Golian)
2015-04-19 Parable of the Wedding Feast 2: Have You Seized the Hope?
2015-04-12 Parable of the Wedding Feast 1: Damnation
2015-04-05 Easter: The Result
2015-03-29 Palm Sunday & Pilate: No King But Caesar
2015-03-22 Significance of the Cross: Is Christianity Still About a Cross?
2015-03-15 Series re Prayer 4: Intercession
2015-03-08 Series re Prayer 3: Distraction, Disobedience and Doubt
2015-03-01 Series re Prayer 2: Enemies of Prayer
2015-02-22 Series re Prayer 1: The Use of Quiet
2015-02-15 Parable of the Unmerciful Servant: Missing the Point
2015-02-08 Goodness in a Broken World: The Problem of Good
2015-02-01 Friendship: Another Turning Point
2015-01-25 Love: Love From the Dark Side
2015-01-18 Love: Love (Do Not Call “Love” What Other People Call “Love”)
2015-01-11 Parable of Prodigal Son: The Elder-Brother Type
2015-01-04 Peace With God: The Prince of Peace
2014-12-28 Do you love Jesus?: A Prince in Disguise
2014-12-21 Advent 4 – Jesus With Us: The Vastness of the Wonder (Blunders and Wonders Series)
2014-12-14 Advent 3 – The Bible: The Walking Word (Blunders and Wonders Series)
2014-12-07b Advent 2 – The Virgin Birth: Oil and Water (Blunders and Wonders Series)
2014-12-07a Advent 1 – The Second Coming: Coming and Going (Blunders and Wonders Series)
2014-11-30 Lay Minister: For My Yoke Is Easy to Wear, My Load Is Light (by Susan Golian)
2014-11-23 Lay Minister: Be Still (by Vicki Ronaldson)
2014-11-09 Disciplines of the Christian Life 7: The Sermon on the Amount
2014-11-02 (TNC Retreat) Holy Spirit: Receiving the Holy Spirit (all Retreat sessions and questions)
2014-10-26 Disciplines of the Christian Life 6: Choosing Your Six
2014-10-19 Disciplines of the Christian Life 5: A Disciple Band
2014-10-12 Disciplines of the Christian Life 4: Mentor / Sponsor / Confessor / Friend
2014-10-05 Disciplines of the Christian Life 3: The Call of God
2014-09-28 Disciplines of the Christian Life 2: Instruction Deficit (Failure to Read the Instructions)
2014-09-21 Disciplines of the Christian Life 1: First and Most Important
2014-09-14 Lay Minister: Habits, Rituals, Belief (by Jon Gaylord)
2014-09-07 Lay Minister: Becoming Alive and Living in Color (by Cindy Dupuie)
2014-08-31 Lay Minister: Nuclear Christianity (by Walter Massey)
2014-08-24 Lay Minister: Wake From Sleep (by Jonathan Gamble)
2014-08-17 The Transfiguration: The Transcendent Moment
2014-08-10 Fool’s Series 6: A True and Present Paradise
2014-08-03 Fool’s Series 5: Truth’s Fool
2014-07-27 Fool’s Series 4: Fool’s Truth
2014-07-20 Fool’s Series 3: Fool’s Escape
2014-07-13 Fool’s Series 2: Fool’s Goal
2014-07-06 Fool’s Series 1: Fool’s Paradise
2014-06-29 The Father: Daddy
2014-06-15 Dogology: Trust and Obey
2014-06-08 Pentecost: Fired Up – or Just Fired
2014-06-01 Lay Minister: Drought (by Susan Golian)
2014-05-18 Mark & Paul: John Mark (a first-person narrative)
2014-05-04 Prayer: Never Take NO for an Answer
2014-04-27 Jesus: Wanting to Know Christ
2014-04-20 Easter Morning: More Than Meets the Eye
2014-04-13 Palm Sunday: Declaring Yourself
2014-03-05 Ash Wednesday: Depravity
2014-03-02 Jesus as Savior: My Yoke Is Easy
2014-02-23 Series re Forgiveness 4: The Process of Forgiveness
2014-02-16 Series re Forgiveness 3: Different Dimensions of Forgiveness
2014-02-09 Series re Forgiveness 2: Required to Forgive
2014-02-02 Series re Forgiveness 1: The Authority to Forgive
2014-01-19 Vocatio; Paul & Luke: Now That You Have Me Here, What Are You Going To Do With Me?
2014-01-12 Churches and Jesus: The Separation of Church and Jesus
2014-01-05 Vocatio: Ho Hum, Ho Hum, It’s Back to Work We Go
2013-12-29 Christmas – The Incarnation: No Other Way
2013-12-22 Fourth Sunday in Advent: Why He Came
2013-12-15 Third Sunday in Advent: How He Came
2013-12-08 Second Sunday in Advent: Why We Come
2013-12-01 First Sunday in Advent: How We Come
2013-11-24 Lay Minister: The Work of Love (by Cass Casserly)
2013-11-17 Lay Minister: Prickly and Hard to Eradicate (by Walter Massey)
2013-11-10 John 16:1-15, Part 2: Wrong About Justice and Judgment
2013-11-03 John 16:1-15, Part 1: Wrong About Sin
2013-10-27 (TNC Retreat) Our Father: Abba (all Retreat sessions and questions)
2013-10-20 Series re Paul (Galatians) 6: Believing The Gospel
2013-10-13 Series re Paul (Galatians) 5: The Life I Now Live
2013-10-06 Series re Paul (Galatians) 4: God at Work
2013-09-29 Series re Paul (Galatians) 3: An Evil Generation
2013-09-22 Series re Paul (Galatians) 2: To Visit Cephas
2013-09-15 Series re Paul (Galatians) 1: An Apostle
2013-09-08 Vocatio: Back to My Own Model Train
2013-09-01 Levels of Life: The Three Laws
2013-08-25 Lay Minister: Why We Do the Things That We Do a/k/a What Is Our Intention? (by Cindy Dupuie)
2013-08-18 Lay Minister: Confession Is Good for the Soul (by Susan Golian)
2013-08-11 Lay Minister: The Scariest Word in Christendom (by Susan Golian)
2013-08-04 Jesus: You Are Being Adopted
2013-07-28 Elijah and Jeremiah (Despair): The Broom Tree Experience
2013-07-21 Joseph (To Die Happy): Joseph
2013-07-14 Jacob and Esau: Wrestling With God
2013-07-07 Lost and Found: Where Did You Last See Him?
2013-06-30 Series re Axioms of Love 6: So What If …
2013-06-23 Series re Axioms of Love 5: Love Is Not About Categories – It Is About Individuals
2013-06-16 Series re Axioms of Love 4: Love Is Not About Pleasing – It Is About Valuing
2013-06-09 Series re Axioms of Love 3: Love Is Not About Externals – It Is About Who We Are and What We Care About
2013-06-02 Series re Axioms of Love 2: Love Is Not About Time – It Is About Forever
2013-05-26 Series re Axioms of Love 1: Love Is Not About Law – It Is About Gospel
2013-05-19 Pentecost: The Solution
2013-05-12 Series re The Sower 6: The Sower – The Harvest
2013-05-05 Series re The Sower 5: The Sower – Thistles That Choke
2013-04-28 Series re The Sower 4: The Sower – They Have No Root
2013-04-21 Series re The Sower 3: The Sower – The Devil Comes
2013-04-14 Series re The Sower 2: The Sower – The Seed Is the Word of God
2013-04-07 Series re The Sower 1: The Sower – Look But See Nothing
2013-03-17 Dogology: Trust and Obey
2013-03-10 Parable of Sheep and Goats: Come, O Blessed
2013-03-03 The Beatitudes: To Mourn and Be Meek
2013-02-24 The Beatitudes: Poor in Spirit
2013-02-17 Lay Minister: On Being Changed (by Norma Massey)
2013-02-10 Lay Minister: What Tribe Do You Belong To? (by Patrice Simon)
2013-02-03 (Revelation) Following Jesus: Defeated by Jesus
2013-01-27 Following Jesus: Rebuked
2013-01-20 Following Jesus: Trustworthy in a Little (An Inside Job)
2013-01-13 (Revelation) Following Jesus: The Wrath of The Lamb
2013-01-06 Following Jesus: Renounce Self
2012-12-30 Jesus & Christmas: A Prince in Disguise
2012-12-23 Fourth Sunday in Advent: Unto You a Child
2012-12-16 Third Sunday in Advent: Out-of-the-Way Places
2012-12-09 Second Sunday in Advent: The Fugitive
2012-12-02 First Sunday in Advent: Easy to Miss
2012-11-25 Lay Minister: Grateful for the Journey (by Barbara Anderson)
2012-11-18 Peter – Series re Conversion 5: Quo Vadis
2012-11-11 Peter – Series re Conversion 4: Weakness & Power
2012-11-04 Peter – Series re Conversion 3: The Break Point
2012-10-28 Peter – Series re Conversion 2: In Pursuit of Success
2012-10-21 Peter – Series re Conversion 1: An Initial Enthusiasm
2012-10-14 Jesus & God: The Love-Bond With God
2012-10-07 Communion Sunday: Your Father’s Good Pleasure
2012-09-30 Addiction & Idolatry: Spiritual Blackouts
2012-09-23 (TNC Retreat) Jesus & Pentecost: The Vine
2012-09-16 Jesus: Never Take NO for an Answer
2012-09-09 Jesus: A Samaritan Woman
2012-08-19 Lay Minister: Grace (by Steve Anderson)
2012-08-12 Lay Minister: Napoleon Bowlingball (by Susan Golian)
2012-08-05 Lay Minister: A New Connection (by Nola Casserly)
2012-07-29 Parables of Jesus: A Loaded Parable
2012-07-22 Solomon: Have You Any Foreign Wives?
2012-07-15 Jesus: The Leper Within
2012-07-08 Jesus: The Jesus We Speak Of
2012-07-01 Communion & Independence Day: Moses & George
2012-06-24 Discipline (Training): The Peaceful Harvest
2012-06-17 Encounter With Jesus: Jesus & Nicodemus (a first-person narrative)
2012-06-10 Flossing Sermon – Jesus: King David’s Greater Son
2012-06-03 Communion & Flossing Sermon: Jesus & Jeremiah
2012-05-27 Pentecost: Only One More Member
2012-05-20 Flossing Sermon – Jesus: Jesus & Isaiah
2012-05-13 Flossing Sermon – Jesus: Jesus & Moses
2012-05-06 Flossing Sermon – Jesus: Jesus & Abraham
2012-04-29 Heaven & Hell: A Religious Life With No Point To It
2012-04-15 Flossing Sermon – Jesus: Jesus & Adam
2012-04-08 Easter: The Real Thing
2012-04-08 Easter Sunrise: I’m Impressed
2012-04-06 Good Friday: Jesus & Judas
2012-04-05 Maundy Thursday: Altars and Tables
2012-04-01 Palm Sunday II: Courage to Change the Things I Can
2012-04-01 Palm Sunday I: A True Chance
2012-03-11 Jesus: The Man Who Didn’t Want To Be Healed
2012-03-04 Jesus: Healing
2012-02-26 The New Church: What Is New About The New Church?
2012-02-19 Jesus: A Demoniac Named Legion
2012-02-12 Jesus: The Easiest Parable
2012-02-05 Jesus: Miracles
2012-01-29 Faith & Trust: What Do You Expect?
2012-01-22 Jesus: Practicing What Jesus Preached – Though He Didn’t
2012-01-15 Jesus: The Mind of Jesus
2012-01-08 Jesus: Superstition Is Not the Same as Faith
2012-01-01 Jesus: Who Are They Saying I Am?
2011-12-25 Christmas Day: What Else Is Being Born Here Today?
2011-12-18 Advent: The Patience of Simeon
2011-11-27 Lay Minister: Grateful for The Presence (by Barbara Anderson)
2011-11-20 Ephesians: A Little War – A Little Armor
2011-11-13 Ephesians: The Subject Is Being Subject
2011-11-06 Communion & Ephesians: Fit For This Meal?
2011-10-23 Ephesians: The Immense Resources
2011-10-16 Ephesians: The Balancing Act
2011-10-09 Ephesians: The Mystery of His Plan
2011-10-02 Communion & Ephesians: How Blessed Are We?
2011-09-25 Goodness in a Broken World: The Problem of Good
2011-09-18 Review & Renew: Excerpts from The Revelation II (Chapters 10, 19)
2011-09-11 Review & Renew: Excerpts from The Revelation I (Chapters 4-7)
and September 11th Anniversary Tribute
2011-08-28 Review & Renew: The Witch of Endor
2011-08-21 Review & Renew: Luke and Paul at the End
2011-08-14 Review & Renew: Paul Had a Sister
2011-08-07 Communion: Of Feeding and Being Fed
2011-07-24 Review & Renew: Cornelius
2011-07-17 Review & Renew: The Story of You and Me
2011-07-10 Colossians: Focus
2011-07-03 Colossians: The New Self
2011-06-26 Paul: A One-Time Sometime Friend of Paul (a first-person narrative)
2011-06-19 Colossians: The Religious Wars
2011-06-12 Colossians: Is Jesus God?
2011-06-05 Colossians: How Does Jesus Save Us?
2011-05-29 Jesus and Conversion: Wanting To Know Jesus
2011-05-22 Colossians: Thanking God and Praying For You
2011-05-15 Colossians: By The Will Of God
2011-04-24 Easter: All Things New
2011-04-17 Palm Sunday: Until We Get It Right

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