The Rev. Bruce Van Blair, Pastor

Study With Us


All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching,
for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness ….

II Timothy 3:16


Study With Us

The intentional commitment to join in and participate is crucial to the life of The New Church. Through this participation, bonds are formed. Some within our fellowship live close enough to each other that they are able to create small gathering spots for worship and study; however, most of us meet via the internet, video and phone conferencing, and phone.

Our disciple bands and study groups offer regular forums for us to explore the Christian Path together, learn practical tools for walking the WAY, and be in community together and support each other.

Our current groups include:

Sunday Morning Worship Service and Discussion, 10am Pacific Time.

Monday Morning Disciple Band, 7:30am Pacific Time, currently studying John’s Gospel.

Thursday Morning Spiritual Twelve-Step Study Group, 8am Pacific time, studying the Spiritual Twelve-Step Study Guide prepared by Bruce Van Blair, plus related sermons and other resources.

Saturday Morning Disciple Band, 9:30am Pacific time, currently studying Luke’s Gospel and Bruce Van Blair’s The Believer’s Road.

Let us know if you need the Zoom info.